Paternoster is a strategic communications agency based in London specialising in financial, crisis and academic communications.
Jane Tozer
07481 421 747
55 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BS
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Paternoster’s team offers deep-rooted communications experience from both agency and the client side.

We have worked as advisors to some of the world's leading businesses and institutions as well as rapidly growing new companies. Our current clients include some of the best known and most successful brands in consumer industries, financial services, academia and technology.

We understand that all successful organisations put their customers and clients first. We create fresh communications programmes that resonate with all stakeholders - employees, the media, regulators and existing and potential investors - that position our clients as customer-focused organisations.  

The organisations listed are organisations with an interest in the education sector whom HMC has not necessarily worked with; HMC has approved the directory entries on the basis of its own due diligence, and partners listed have been referred by at least two schools or educational providers. HMC values their expertise, however, does not endorse them and assumes no responsibility or legal duty by being associated with them. It is the responsibility of the school to independently research each company it may wish to engage.
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