Digital platform providing evidence-based resources and high-quality CPD to whole-school communities, covering key areas of: mental health, wellbeing,...
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Digital platform providing evidence-based resources and high-quality CPD to whole-school communities, covering key areas of: mental health, wellbeing, family life, digital life and learning.
Dr Kathy Weston
0203 951 8828
PO Box 4582, Dunstable, Bedfordshire. LU6 9UT
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Founded by one of the nation’s leading experts on parental engagement in children’s lives and learning, Dr Kathy Weston, Tooled Up Education is passionate about bringing evidence-based resources to school communities and using research to transform children’s lives.

We believe that too much onus is placed on schools to support children in every aspect of their lives, but when schools and parents work in genuine partnership, children have the best chance of thriving. We also believe that there is an imperative on schools to ensure that parents and staff have access to the highest quality information when it comes to raising children and that CPD for school staff should be accessible and impactful.

We dedicate our time to studying thousands of hours of research evidence and turning this into instantly accessible, real-life usable resources that have been proven to work. Our dedicated team of researchers continually scour the latest studies conducted across the world, bringing this knowledge into our library, to positively affect the lives of educational professionals, parents and ultimately children.

Our bank of over 600 evidence-based materials grows every week as our subscriber schools request information, advice and signposting. Tooled Up is well-known for its cutting-edge mental health work, but we equally provide resources on the areas of aspiration, digital life, learning and family life.

Parental engagement is at the heart of all that do which is why we track engagement, provide a live webinar schedule and actively invite questions and requests for resources.

Our global network of world-leading researchers and clinicians means we stay innovative in our approach, ahead of the game on ‘emerging issues’ and highly responsive. We provide a personal service to each of our Tooled Up members in our tireless ambition to achieve excellence.

Feedback from our Customers
“Tooled Up is in the water here now from the Pre-Prep to the Sixth form. It has a great impact through our work with parents, pupils, and our continuing professional development programme for staff.” - (Nov '22)
- Deputy Head – Pupil Wellbeing and Personal Development, Berkhamsted Schools Group
"Tooled Up - a brilliant resource which continues to provide excellent guidance and support for families and the school community. The Tooled Up team is responsive to the needs of the school and individuals and often go the extra mile to create bespoke resources if they don't already exist. It is a hugely valuable package that I highly recommend." - (Nov '22)
- Prep School Head, Yarm School
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