For over 120 years, ISEB has sat at the heart of the independent sector in the UK and abroad, providing a challenging and nurturing framework for chil...
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For over 120 years, ISEB has sat at the heart of the independent sector in the UK and abroad, providing a challenging and nurturing framework for children to thrive.
Tulio Althoff
ISEB Ltd, Endeavour House, Ringwood, BH24 1HP
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ISEB works in partnership with many leading independent schools globally and is a patron organisation of IAPS, GSA and HMC, providing assessments and qualifications used by schools to support the admissions journey from prep to senior school.

Perhaps best known for the Common Entrance (CE) and Common Academic Scholarship (CASE) exams introduced in 1903, ISEB also administers the Common Pre-Tests, having recently transformed the product in partnership with CENTURY Tech. Alongside this suite of admissions tests sits the ISEB Project Qualification (iPQ), an innovative scheme of learning that champions self-directed learning, critical thinking and creativity.

Building on feedback from parents whose children took the ISEB Pre-Tests in the 2022-23 testing session, ISEB has worked in collaboration with CENTURY and Bond, Oxford University Press, to endorse Bond Online Premium Plus. As the only ISEB-endorsed test practice platform for the ISEB Pre-Tests, Bond Online Premium Plus supports pupils to engage in meaningful and appropriate revision, complementing their existing learning from prep and junior schools.

ISEB is also working in partnership with Dr Kathy Weston of Tooled Up Education to produce a range of parental wellness packs designed to support and empower families to navigate their admissions journey.

Looking ahead to the celebration of 120 years of CE this Autumn, and the growth of the innovative and dynamic ISEB Pre-Tests and iPQ, ISEB continues to draw strength from its history and experience, pairing innovation with heritage to provide assessments, qualifications and resources that challenge and encourage pupils to be the best they can be.

Feedback from our Customers
At Headington, we have been impressed with the accuracy and level of fine detail that the Pre-Tests provides us with. We have been particularly delighted with the flexibility and ease of arrangements of taking the tests and Prep schools have been increasingly keen to work with us on a time frame that is mutually convenient to both schools.
- Caroline Jordan, Headmistress, Headington School
One of the things I really like about the iPQ is that children who don’t enjoy writing exam papers but are great musicians or are interested in arts can use their talents in a different way – linking up the intellectual rigour and research with their particular interest and talent... The iPQ undoubtedly gave our Year 8 pupils an idea of what it is like to work with greater independence and to direct their own learning.
- Stephanie Donaldson, Deputy Head, Academic, Kenton College, Kenya
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