MTM Consulting are experts in education market research, analysis and real-world business and marketing strategy, focused on driving schools further.
Daniel Cohen
01502 722787
MTM Consulting, Broomfield House, Lanswood Park, Broomfield Road, Elmstead Market, Colchester, CO7 7FD
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MTM Consulting provides the real-world information and insight on which school leaders can confidently base the big decisions that will determine their schools’ future success. We have three decades of experience as a trusted market research and strategy consultancy to the UK independent schools’ sector. Our expert quantitative and qualitative market researchers find out the facts about schools’ market positioning and pinpoint areas for potential further development that will lead to improved recruitment, retention and profile-raising. Our complete demand and supply analysis MTM 3-60 gives the view from the mountain top, but we also offer a wide range of fully customisable market research projects to ensure that school leaders have access to the specific factual evidence they need to capitalise on every aspect of their school’s operation. MTM’s business and marketing experts build fact-based strategies to make the most of opportunities for long-term security and growth. We also offer day-to-day support for marketing and PR, as well as our new Advantage admissions data management system, which captures recruitment information for continual analysis and evaluation. For more information on MTM’s data research and survey projects, business and marketing strategy services, and our support for PR, fundraising and development, please visit


The organisations listed are organisations with an interest in the education sector whom HMC has not necessarily worked with; HMC has approved the directory entries on the basis of its own due diligence, and partners listed have been referred by at least two schools or educational providers. HMC values their expertise, however, does not endorse them and assumes no responsibility or legal duty by being associated with them. It is the responsibility of the school to independently research each company it may wish to engage.
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